Demo Access

You need to be convinced of the ease of use of our platform? Here you can test all functionalities in a virtual demo version.

Access the demo platform

First steps


Quick access

The Dashboard provides you with the most important information at a glance. Customize the dashboard to your personal needs and quickly reach your desired action.

Weekly overview

In the weekly overview you can see all deliveries of a calendar week of your choice. In addition, there are filters available to narrow the selection. Of course you can also access the auction details via this list.

List a product

With just a few steps you can list a product on eumila:

1. Choose product

Chose one of our supported products.

2. Set the loading date

Enter your desired loading date and optionally a time for loading.

3. Choose specification

Decide on a fitting specification for your product.

4. Check and confirm data

After verification and confirmation of your data, the delivery is listed successfully.

Additional options

Buy It Now

Add the 'Buy It Now' option if you want to enable the buyers to buy the delivery immediately.

Sell as auction set

Deliveries are only sold as a package. This can be time saving and especially useful for long-term contracts.

Specific product characteristics

After checking the official certificate, it is possible to sell products with special characteristics such as organic milk.

Full control

In the seller view, you have the choice between [1] accepting or [2] rejecting the offer or [3] to make a counter-offer to a interested party. It is also possible to add a Buy It Now price or to cancel the auction in the auction settings.

Overview of supplies

In the overview of supplies you will find all the deliveries offered. The selection can be adjusted through filtering and sorting options.

Detailed view

This view shows all the information of a single delivery. You can either [1] bid and [2] edit or possibly [3] accept a Buy It Now price. Based on the distance between you and the other party you will get an estimated shipping price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is eumila ?

eumila is the first trading platform for liquid dairy commodities. Representatives of the dairy industry can sell surplus milk and milk products or buy these raw materials. There will be no fixed costs. You will have access to the entire dairy market and you will always trade directly with each other without any intermediaries.

2. What products can be traded?

Currently four liquid products are traded:
- Raw milk [about 4.0% fat, 3.4% protein];
- Skimmed milk;
- Buttermilk [sweet];
- Cream [about 40% fat];
- Skimmed Milk Concentrate [about 36 % dm];
- Sweet Whey Concentrate [about 32 % dm].

Only complete truckloads [about 25t] will be traded. In the future there will be additional products added if they are demanded.

Each product is listed in a separate category and complies at least with the eumila standard specification. You can also use your own specification. Just send it to us and we will make it available in your account.

3. Who stands behind eumila and eumila GmbH?

eumila is a young, innovative company from Dresden, which is supported by the European Social Fund [ESF], the State of Saxony and the University of Dresden. eumila is 100% independent of all other market participants of the milk market [both the dairy industry and the dairy farmers] and it will remain so in future.

4. What are the features of eumila ?

eumila is extending the European milk market by an important tool which has already become established in other commodity markets. This includes the efficient and cost-effective processing of the complete selling and buying process.

In addition to trading milk raw materials, there is a transport service for the products traded. Following the buying process eumila recommends a transport price which the buyer can agree to.

Following the completed delivery eumila supports both parties in the process of agreeing to laboratory values ​​and weight. If any problems occur, eumila is as a sovereign mediator available.

5. What are the trading times?

The platform will be available around the clock, 24/7.

6. How does the trading work?

The dairy products are offered without a specific price.

Now, a buyer has the opportunity to make a bid on the delivery [valid 24 or until further notice]. This offer is legally binding.

Then the seller has to [1] accept, [2] reject or [3] send a binding counter-offer to the buyers bid.

After acceptance by the seller or buyer [after a counter-offer from the seller] the deal is closed. The data of both parties are exchanged and an automatic confirmation is sent to both.

7. Is there a Buy It Now option?

There is a possibility to offer a Buy It Now price for the delivery to offer the buyers to buy the delivery immediately.

8. Who is responsible for the transportation of purchased product?

Usually, the buyer is responsible for the transport [unless otherwise described the deliveries are „ex works“] However, it also possible to sell product „free delivered“. Then the seller is taking care of transport.

9. How does the transport offer work?

After the closing of the deal eumila offers the buyer a transport price for this specific route. He then has [1] the choice of accepting this offer with one click or [2] to look for a carrier itself. Chooses the buyer the eumila transport offer, the order will be sent to the transport company automatically and the transport is arranged immediately.

10. How can I inform the carrier of special requirements [previous freight, delivery time, etc.]?

Before contracting the carrier there is the possibility where special requirements can be entered.

11. Who will be the carrier ?

The shipments are handled reliably by forwarder Spedition Eggers GmbH. The forwarding company has over 60 years experience in the field of food transport and has a fleet of more than 100 vehicles. For more information see

12. What is included in the reconciliation function ?

When the product has been delivered the loading and unloading values have to be checked. For this purpose, each party enters his respective values ​​in a input field. These results stay hidden until both parties have entered their values. If they fit to each other the average values are offered for confirmation.

If any problems occur with value differences , eumila is as a sovereign mediator available and helps to reconcile.

13. What does the use of eumila costs?

There will no costs for the registration, the offering of products or the bidding on deliveries. Also the transport service and the support during the agreement process ​​is free.

Only when a contract is concluded there will be a commission of 0.5% calculated from the total sum of delivery paid by the buyer and the seller. For more information see the eumila – fee catalogue.

14. Can I see the recent sales prices of products from other suppliers?

No, after a delivery has been sold, only the seller and buyer can see the sales data.

15. How does eumila check the applications for registration?

For the registration, proof of commercial activity in the form of a sales tax number must be submitted. Then we verify the accuracy of the information and contact you by phone. Are all requirements met for the trading of raw dairy products your account will be activated.