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The eumila GmbH takes the protection of your data very seriously. The platform is maintained in accordance to German data protection legislation [i.e. Telemediengesetz [TMG] and the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz [BDSG].

1. Data collection and data storage

Data protection law allows a collection of business-related data as well as personal data. Under certain circumstances, collecting data requires the consent of the party concerned or permitted by or under law , such as the collection of names or addresses for its own business purposes to fulfill contractual obligations.

The data you provide yourself explicitly will be collected. Furthermore, data you submit while using the platform and/or the respective Internet Service Provider discloses when using the platform [including the IP address of your computer] is collected. Usage data may contain personal or business related data or allow conclusions on this.

Without your registration or your login anonymous usage data will be transmitted by your browser when accessing the platform.

2. Purpose of Data Collection

The data you provide on the platform [directly or through an Internet service provider], are used for the purposes for which the relevant data are left. The purposes are communicated to you prior to the collection of the data or in this statement if they should not result from the nature of the process.

3. Data processing and data usage

Data such as name, phone number, delivery, billing and e-mail addresses are basically used for contract management. Furthermore, the data will be used if this is necessary by law, such as of the request of the prosecutor.

Your data will be transmitted to third parties for the purpose for which these data were collected, such as contract purposes if necessary. In addition to fulfill the contract obligations, the data necessary [i.e. address, name, phone number, product] is transmitted to transport companies.

In individual cases, the necessary data [name of company, address, director's name, owner's name etc.] shall be transmitted to credit agencies to obtain information on their credit history and creditworthiness.

In addition, your data will not be submitted to third parties, whether by sale or in any other way.

4. Use Piwik and Cookies

The eumila GmbH will use the software Piwik for statistical analysis.

Piwik uses ‚cookies‘, which are small text files that are stored on your computer and allow an analysis of your use of the website. Cookies help using web pages and store user settings. The information generated by our cookies will be stored on the server of the eumila GmbH and are used internally only.

Collected data will not be disclosed to any third party and used for the identification and improvement of relevant content only. With the use of, you agree to the processing of data about you in the manner described above and for the purposes set out above.

5. Rights of the user

You always have a right of access, adjustment, erasure or blocking of your stored data. Please inform us immediately of any incorrect data or correct them in your user profile.

Please contact us if you have any questions :

Valid from: 24th March 2014